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I want to advocate and raise awareness for young people like me who have invisible illnesses and mental health issues. I want to empower young people and show that despite the different struggles that come with having a long term illness, achieving your goals and dreams are still possible, you just have to find the confidence to think differently and claim the things you deserve. Finding your own territory is about finding your own place and purpose.

Mark your territory



   Advocate . Feline enthusiast

Hi I'm Katty, I've created Katty's Territory to share my experiences and ambition for the future. After being diagnosed with JSLE (Juvenile Lupus) at the age of nine, I was forced to live and think outside of the box and Katty's Territory is all about creativity and success on my own terms.


ABOUT Lilian

Chocoholic . Carer . Empath

Hi I'm Lilian, Katrina's mum, Our family life was relatively normal until Katrina was diagnosed with Lupus. Our lives were turned upside down but the good and bad experiences have made me passionate about advocating for carers. I want to use my experiences and skills to highlight and promote carers needs and rights. Alongside Katrina we want to advocate, empower and support other young people and their carers.

Our community interest company

Myself and my mum have created this CIC to offer a personal and different perspective on managing a long term illness as a young person and a carer. We aim to offer support and give confidence to young people and their carers, to empower them to make choices that reflect the specific support they need.

Music & Art

Escapism is a big part of managing my illness, I love using music and art to create moments of peace. 


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