a challenge a lot of young people have to face is deciding about their future and feeling ambushed by parents, teacher and professionals to make a permanent decision. Finding the confidence to think differently and follow your dreams is achievable. 

Mark your territory



I'm Katty, I've created Katty's Territory to share my experiences and ambition for the future.

After being diagnosed with JSLE (Juvenile Lupus) at the age of nine I was forced to live and, think outside of the box and Katty's Territory is all about creativity and success on my own terms.

My Goal

I want to advocate to raise awareness for young people, particularly those with long term health conditions such as Lupus, a conditions that I suffer from. While advocating I want to show how I can conquer different struggles that come with being a young person and managing an illness. Achieving your goals and dreams are possible despite any problems you face, I want to show and empower other young people to follow their dreams.


Concerts are my favourite form of escapism and I've 

dedicated an entire page to my love of concerts.



interesting FACTs

me and my best friend marie have been

friends for 14 years and counting. she also my partner in crime when it comes to 

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