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Katty’s Territory Empower & Support Community Interest Company was created and based on the lived experience of the founders, Me and my Mum Lilian. The goal is to empower and represent the views of young people with long term and invisible illnesses.

The aim of the Katty’s Territory Community Interest Company is to:

  • Empower young people to express how they feel, take more control of their care and have more say over the care and support they receive.


  • Enable carers to effectively support young people and better navigate health, educational and care services, and how to effectively express their child’s or young person's needs.


  • Create opportunities for young people and carers to share their experiences and offer support and advice. Creating a community of shared experiences and a resource base of information.


  • Disseminate information gathered from young people and carers to positively shape health, educational and care services. 



Lilian Brooks


Katrina Brooks

As Katrina’s mother, and co-founder of Katty’s Territory CIC , my experience as a social worker, caregiver, mother, community volunteer, with experience of working within the statutory education framework has influenced our objectives . As a carer with experience my aim is to help other carers navigate what can be an overly bureaucratic system to access support, but also to assist carers in enabling their young person to feel empowered and confident to ensure their voice is heard. Additionally taking care of yourself as a carer is important, so I have created my seven tips on being an effective carer and advocate.

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) when I was 9, this was the start of a challenging journey for me and my family. SLE in children is rare so navigating a complex, health, social care and education system to enable life to be as ‘normal’ as possible was a challenge. It forced me to look at unconventional ways to feel successful in different aspects of my life. My positive and negative experiences have driven me to explore ways to improve experiences for other young people, and look at different ways to share these experiences.

Katty’s Territory Empower & Support CIC is all about offering a more personal approach to accessing services designed for young people and their carers. Using our direct experiences to create guides and give tips on how to get the best out of the services available. We want to be a key resource in guiding and supporting young people and their carers through an often confusing system.

Supporting and managing the health of young people with long term health conditions and their carers is at the forefront of most statutory services aims. However, the failure of these services is the lack of flexibility to meet different needs with a one size fits all approach.


Our Empower & Support CIC wants to enable young people and careers to better understand and navigate these services. Using our direct experiences of these services, knowing what each service is supposed to offer and empowering others to fight for what they need.

We are from Lewisham and are currently focusing on Lewisham Borough but we aim to branch out to other boroughs and communities. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


  • Resource Packs 

  • Workshops

  • Talks / Motivational & Empowering Speeches 

  • Katty’s Territory Empowering Merchandise 


These stages relate to my own experiences of being diagnosed, processing and living with lupus, but I believe it can be used as a guide for coping and managing other long term illnesses. - Katrina


These tips relate to my own experiences of being a carer and what I have learned. - Lilian

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