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Lewisham carers week was 10-16th June hosted by IMAGO (Lewisham services for unpaid carers). What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the important role of unpaid carers and create a platform to highlight service and support available to them.

Meeting and networking with service providers; Lewishams councillors and commissioners was a great opportunity to talk about the needs of unpaid carers as well as raising the profile of those they care for. Everyone present was committed to making our lives as carers better. It was a great opportunity to present Katty’s Territory CIC and share our similar aim of empowering young people and their carers, and share our story to help and support other families in similar situations.

After a very successful week of engaging with a community of like minded people and building connections, I hope this will be the start of a productive relationshiop working alongside IMAGO and other organisations we’ve met.


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