i want to advocate for young people with long term health conditions whilst 

showing how i Mannage my illnesses.

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I want to advocate to raise awareness for young people, particularly those with long term health conditions such as Lupus and Anxiety, conditions that I suffer from. While advocating I want to show how I manage different struggles that come with being a young person and managing an illness. Achieving your goals and dreams are possible despite any problems you face, I want to show and empower other young people to follow their dreams.


The goal is to provide support and advice for young people going through hard times. I want to give simple, understandable advice and hopefully be able to create a place that can provide support for everyone. I also want to show that having a longterm illness doesn't have to stop anyone from achieving their goals and dreams. I want to share my experiences of managing my anxiety  Lupus flares, and the people who have helped me achieve this. I want to advocate and share my journey at the same time, showing that even though there's no cure for Lupus and many other diseases, its still possible to achieve amazing things.


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I am currently writing articles and working with Lupus UK to help raise awareness of Young People with Lupus. I want to represent and advocate for other young people and raise the profile and insight 

into the lives of young people with lupus. Each of my articles cover different topic that show different challenges that come with the disease and how I've managed and hopefully providing advice for others. 

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My approach is focused around 5 main topics:



Lupus is a huge part of my advocating because it is the long term illness I suffer from, and it has had a big impact on my life and choices.I was diagnosed with Lupus at a young age and having to grow up with the additional challenges it brought, especially when becoming a teenager was a huge struggle. That struggle has driven me to want to help all young people in similar situations.



 Anxiety is something I've struggled a lot with and I know it's a very common 

problem  for a lot of people even if they don't have a long term health condition. I want to show that you can overcome anxiety and achieve anything. The first step is to learning to manage and understanding even if your having a bad day it will get better.  


invisible illnesses 

An Invisible illness is just an illnesses that isn't physically obvious. Not being able to see that a person is unwell by just looking at them causes more problems than you would think. Since i was diagnosed 9 years ago this is one of the biggest challenges I've had to deal with. Constantly having people deny that I have health issues just because I don't look unwell is the most ridiculous issue ever. I want to make the world aware that just because someone doesn't look like they are suffering with health issues doesn't mean they have the right to disbelieve them.


coping & managing

Coping with life in general is hard, especially as a young person. Having to make life changing decisions about your education, career and the future is very stressful. It can become even more stressful when you have to cope with a long term health condition on top of that it can make you feel even less in control and powerless. Learning to manage and cope is the key to conquering. My approach has always been finding what I want to achieve and making decisions that will help me achieve that dream. Everyone copes and manages differently, some people may need help from loved ones and professionals, and for others it may just be a personal battle that you feel you can handle alone. Its all about testing different approaches until you find one that works for you.



Escapism is a huge part of coping and managing, finding something that can help distract you and give you a break. Although ignoring a problem isn't the answer, taking a break is key to overcoming struggles. Finding something that makes you happy no matter how you feel and having something/somewhere you can escape to can make a huge difference. My favourite form of                            is concerts and music.  

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