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Getting Creative

Recently I have rekindled my love for painting and drawing. It began in 2020 during quarantine when me and my family started colouring in to pass the time. I think we invested hundreds in colouring pens, pencils, paper and printing ink. More recently I began sketching and painting as a new hobby, which is something I did a lot during my childhood. In the past drawing has been difficult for me due to my Lupus, holding pens and pencils for long periods of time causes my finger to become painful and played a huge part of why I stoped drawing for a long time. But I've started to make use of different pencil grips and taking more frequent breaks to make it easier to enjoy my rekindled hobby.

Painting has quickly become my favourite art form as I find holding a paintbrush less taxing on by hands, but also I feel like it allows me to be more creative not only with colours and design but also technique. Paint can be quite forgiving so mistakes can be easily corrected which is great for a perfectionist like me. I've tried both water colours and acrylic but I much prefer acrylic as I find it much more enjoyable to use (I truly don't understand watercolours well enough to use them). Most of my inspiration comes from images I see on Google or Pinterest but I mostly enjoy painting my family's cats. Overall painting has become a great way for me to escape and helps me manage my anxiety.


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