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  • Katty

SHAWN MENDES • ILLUMINATE WORLD TOUR 2017 Featuring James TW - Meeting Shawn's Mum & Family

O2 ARENA - 1 JUNE 2017

On June 1st 2017 Me and my bestie Marie attended Shawn Mendes's Illuminate World Tour at the O2 Arena(The first illuminate show at the O2). We always arrive at the venue a few hours before doors open, so we can beat traffic. As we were wondering around the the O2 we spotted Shawns mum. After a long debate we went over and Shawn's family welcomed us with open arms, and I received a big hug from his aunt who was so welcoming and seemed just as excited to meet us and take a picture. After being introduced to the rest of his family that were there, we then met his mum and took a picture with her, who was so lovely. The whole experience of meeting his family was very random and all happened so quickly but they were all very funny

and kind.

At 6pm we went to O2 Priority and waited half an hour to enter the arena. At 7:30 James TW came on and he was a lot better than I had expected and his performance was very enjoyable (But i'm a little disappointed that Chalie Puth wasn't the opening act for our show).Shawn started at 8:30 and the opening was incredible, I didn't really know what to expect despite seeing him live before but i was blown away. Shawn was amazing, his vocals were incredible and his guitar and piano playing were amazing. I especially enjoyed the huge 'moon' it was absolutely beautiful and his band were so talented.

The Illuminate Tour overall was spectacular and the visuals were one of the highlights the night along with his amazing performance of 'Bad Reputation' (Shawn tripping twice was also a highlight). I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day from meeting his family and the amazing performance.

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