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  • Katty

THE WEEKND • LEGEND OF THE FALL WORLD TOUR 2017 featuring Bryson Tiller & Drake


On March 8th 2017 Me and My Bestie Marie attended The Weeknds world tour, 'Legend Of The Fall' at the O2 (The second show at the O2). We were also able to get into Sky Backstage prior to doors opening and got to our seat as doors opened. The Weeknd had Three opening acts; Lil Panda, Lil Uzi Vert and Bryson Tiller, we were most excited to see Bryson as Marie is a Huge Bryson Tiller Fan.

Lil Panda was pretty good as was Lil Uzi vert (despite his crazy stage lunge).

Bryson came on just as the arena started to properly fill up and he was amazing, He played more songs than we had imagined and his stage set up was pretty cool. His drummer and Dj were pretty good too and Brysons voice was just as amazing as his studio recorded songs.

The Weeknds stage set up was incredible and his entrance was one of my favourite moments from the concerts. His vocal skills were amazing and he completely amazed me with his vocal capability. A third of the way into his performance he brought out a surprise guest, who to this day I had no clue who it was going be. He brought out Drake! Drake was the ultimate surprise guest and made the concert that much more memorable. Even though when Drake came out we went crazy I was still able to get some good video footage.

Overall the concert was a 10/10 with the variety of opening acts, amazing stage set ups, The Weeknds incredible vocals and Drakes surprise appearance made it a very unforgettable night.

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