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  • Katty

5SOS • SOUNDS LIVE FEELS LIVE TOUR 2016 - Soundcheck Experience



Me and my Bestie Marie attended 2 shows from 5 Seconds of Summer's Sound Live Feels Live Tour. The first show we attended was at the O2 Arena in London and we bought tickets from a resale site (because we originally planned to just attend the Brighton show). We were able to get into the O2 priory lounge which made the experience even more fun. We were seated in Block 112 Row J which was a decent view.

The second show we attended was at the Brighton centre in Brighton and we had soundcheck tickets and we were seated in the flat stalls row G. The soundcheck experience was unlike anything we had done before, it consisted of getting up early (7am) waiting outside in the cold and rain. Then after 7 hours of waiting outside the venue until the doors opened at 2pm, we were let inside to wait a further 3 hours until soundcheck started (which was an amazing experience). We then waited until around 7:30pm for the opening act to come on and around 8pm for 5SOS to come on.

The opening act for our shows was Jeserae and even though his nerves came through at the O2 show I was definitely able to enjoy him more at the Brighton Show . 5SOS were incredible on both nights and their playful banter with each other and with the crowd made the performance very enjoyable. 5SOS have such amazing singing and guitar/bass/drum skills.

The day was over around 11pm, which was a long day. Despite the long waiting times and exhausting day it was absolutely amazing Experience.

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