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Meet Krispy Kreme Brooks

Also known as Krisp and Krisptopher (like Christopher)

She is a half Maine Coon cat, she is three years old and has a brother named Kandy. She has very thick and slick black fur that feels absolutely lovely. she has a very timid and anxious personality and only comes out of her hiding places when people she loves are around.

She's a bit of a baby and is very needy and enjoys sitting next to loved ones and using them as a head rest. She also like sleeping on beds and sofas but she has to have a pillow or cushion to rest her head on. Her favourite food is bread and pastries and she always has to fight with her brother to get to her food bowl.

She is completely obsessed with pipe cleaners and she enjoy carrying them in her mouth and hiding them everywhere She also enjoys fetching and catching them. Krispy and Kandy often team up to do things they know are bad such as teaming up to open my sliding wardrobe.

Krispy is a very dependant cat enjoys being cuddled and always want to have human contact. She is alway content if she is lying next to me.


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