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Meet Kandy Kane Brooks

also called Kan Kan and Kanstopher (like Christopher)

He is a half Maine Coon cat, he is three years old and has a sister named Krispy. He has very long lightweight fur that he finds very hard to clean and often gets fur stuck in his tongue (ew).

His favourite food is chicken stir fry and he doesn't like seafood and he can only eat food once he has picked it up in his paw. He enjoys chasing the sunlight that comes through the blinds and his red laser toy. He loves going into the garden and chasing water from a water gun, yes he is obsessed with water!

He prefers sleeping in direct sunlight or in one of his many cardboard boxes. For attention he will carry around his red plush toy and meow or lick carrier bags. When he is bored he tends to play fight with Krispy, but he always ends up being too aggressive and gets told off and meows for forgiveness.

Kandy is a very independent cat and doesn't require much human interaction, although when he wants a hug or to play he can become very annoying and clingy... which can get very annoying as he sheds loads of long fur.


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