• Katty & Marie (Marina)


Marie Comty - Marina - Katrina Brooks

Me and Marie first met when we were about 4 years old at pre school, we then went to the same primary school and thats where we built a strong friendship. Towards the end of primary school marie moved away and despite her moving hundreds of miles away, we still remained best friends.

A lot of our friendship is built of our similarities, We are both very very sarcastic and we have the same weird sense of humour. A large portion of our friendship is fangirling (Marie converted me into a fully committed fangirl), 5SOS were and still are a large part of our friendship too. As young teenagers we spent a lot of time fangirling over them (More time than either of us are willing to admit).

We also share the same fashion sense and we love going shopping in Westfield, Misguided and Boohoo. We are both stubborn which causes many arguments that go on for years and Maries indecisiveness doesn't help. When we are together (Which isn't that often due to living so far apart) we tend to binge watch music videos, live performances, celeb interviews and makeup tutorials on YouTube all day.

Marina (Katrina & Marie) have been friends over 13 years and despite living so far apart and having a good reason to never see each other again we have remained best friends/soul sisters to this day.

Marina Fun Facts

  • We are Obsessed with Horoscopes

  • Our fave food to eat while chilling is pizza

  • There is 8 Months and 23 Days between us (Marie likes to pretend she is more mature)

  • Our guilty pleasure is Fifth Harmony Songs

  • We Talk to each other everyday and if one of us doesn't respond it has to be because something horrible has happened

  • Marie is very persuasive and she always uses it to make me do things but I always get revenge

  • Arguments are the base of our friendship, it keeps it interesting

  • We enjoy 'performing' live versions of songs especially 5SOS songs